2007 One Act Play Festival, Domino Theatre, Kingston
November 9 - 11, 2007
Adjudicator - Bea Quarrie

Adjudicator Bea Quarrie has been involved in theatre most of her life. Her stage experience ranges from her first role learned phonetically at age eleven to two recent summers when she played a lead role in the 4th Line Theatre production For Home and Country, to directing a high school production of Paper Bag Princess in China for viewing by 42 million people. As well as being a theatre practitioner, Bea has served as an arts advocate on regional, provincial and national committees and Boards of Arts Councils, theatre companies and theatre service organizations. She is the co-founder of three professional companies in Peterborough, Ontario, where she has lived for the last 36 years.

Her education includes an Honours degree in Drama and in Fine Arts, studies in England with Peter Brook, summer courses at Theatre Ontario and an Arts Management course at Banff. She was a member of a Canadian Theatre Educators delegation to Cuba, has adjudicated Sears Festivals and community theatre drama Festivals for twenty five years, and has directed over seventy productions ranging from Rashomon to Murray Schafer's The Enchanted Forest and Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon. She retired from teaching at Lakefield College School recently and has been exhibiting her large abstract paintings with the Visual Poetry Group of Peterborough. She is currently a subject of the National Film Board's film entitled 12 currently in production.

An award-winning director whose productions have represented Canada at international festivals in Japan, Germany, Aruba, Venezuela, and Canada, Bea strongly believes in the transformative power of the arts.
Friday, November 9 Saturday, November 10 - Afternoon Saturday, November 10 - Evening
Domino Theatre and Lennigrad Royal Theatre Company, Kingston
Never Swim Alone
by Daniel MacIvor
directed by Chloe Arianne Whitehorn
Shoestring Productions, Mountain
Mail Order Annie
by Carl C. Cashin
directed by Rachelle Eves
Tara Players Theatre, Ottawa
Lost Letters of a Victorian Lady
by Michelle Read
directed by James Watson
Because Productions, Belleville
Stumbling Around in the Dark
by Catherine J. Carter
directed by Catherine J. Carter
Theatre Night in Merrickville
Naan Bread
by Doug Phillips
directed by Brian Fitzpatrick
A.D.P. Mann, Kingston
Christmas Comes to Oz
by Anthony D.P. Mann
directed by Anthony D.P. Mann
Brighton Barn Theatre
The Proposal
by Anton Chekhov, translated by Michael Frayn
directed by Kathy Lacasse
Tara Players Theatre, Ottawa
by Hugh Leonard
directed by Klaas van Weringh
Peterborough Theatre Guild
by Michael Healey and Kate Lynch
directed by Cindy Wardrope

Peterborough Examiner Award for Best Visual Production
Theatre Night in Merrickville - Naan Bread
Helen R McGregor Adjudicator's Award for leaping into the void (first timers)
Domino Theatre and Leningrad Royal Theatre - Never Swim Alone
Chloe Arianne Whitehorn
Peterborough Theatre Guild Adjudicator's Award for script interpretation
Tara Players - Pizzazz
Director and Cast
Colin Mawson Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Student
Theatre Night in Merrickville- Naan Bread
Enya Phillips
Nancy Chajkowski Memorial Award for Costume Design
Shoestring Productions - Mail Order Annie
Cast and Director
Belleville Theatre Guild Acting Award: For Ensemble WOrk
Tara Players - Pizzazz
Mae Carmichael Award for Acting: Supporting Male Actor
Tara Players - Lost Letters of a Victorian Lady
Firas Al Osman for his many roles
Pauline Grant Award for Acting: Female Supporting Role
Tara Players - Pizzazz
Kel Parsons as Olivia
Nepean Little Theatre Acting Award: Leading Male or Female Role
Tara Players - Pizzazz
Caryl McKay as Marion
Penny Arril Adjudicator's Award to encourage emerging artists including writers
Tara Players - Naan Bread
Doug Phillips
Academy Theatre Foundation Best Director
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Kreskinned
Cindy Wardrope
Ottawa Little Theatre Best Production
Domino Theatre and Leningrad Royal Theatre - Never Swim Alone
Brighton Barn Theatre People's Choice Award
Tara Players - Pizzazz
Certificate of Appreciation
presented to the Set Builders of the Belleville Theatre Guild for building and maintaining of the cases for the festival awards.
Presented to Pat Grey of the Belleville Theatre Guild by Andy Trasuk, President of the EODL.

Updated: 27 March 2015