2008 Full Length Festival

March 31, 2008
Adjudicator - Brian Van Norman
The 2008 Festival was a travelling festival; the Awards Brunch was hosted by Peterborough Theatre Guild

Domino Theatre, Kingston
Habitat by Judith Thompson
directed by: Penny Nash
Peterborough Theatre Guild
Proof by David Auburn
directed by: Al Tye

Adjudicator Brian Van Norman has been employed over 35 years in a variety of venues within the theatre community. As well as being an educator, he has worked with school, university, amateur and professional companies serving variously as director, writer, producer and designer. A popular and experienced adjudicator due to his constructive, positive style, Brian has adjudicated literally hundreds of plays through the past ten years. He has adjudicated for the Sears Ontario Drama Festival on multiple occasions at District and Regional levels, for the Western Ontario Drama League, Association of Community Theatres - Central Ontario (GTA), the Eastern Ontario Drama League and for the Theatre Ontario 2007 Festival. Brian also authored the Guidelines for Adjudicators document for the Sears Ontario Drama Festival. Brian has served on the Board of Theatre Ontario and is a member of Theatre Ontario's Professional Talent Bank. When not adjudicating, writing, or directing, Brian conducts a variety of highly sought after theatre workshops in acting, directing and design, as well as play polishing. Brian taught "Director's Bootcamp" for the Theatre Ontario Summer Courses at Brock University. The range of Brian's work runs the gamut of theatrical styles in the over two hundred productions he has directed. He has worked in drama, dance and film. His projects have appeared in a number of professional venues including the Stratford Festival, the Arts Club Theatre in New York, the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, the Grand Theatre in London, Theatre & Company, the Waterloo Stage and Next Level Theatre in the Waterloo Region and Theatre Muskoka, as well as in numerous amateur and educational venues. Brian has also acted...once. He played the dead guy.

(Adjudicator's Festival Report)
Armagh Sifton-Price Award: Adjudicator Award for Technical Contribution
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Proof
Ray Houle
Arnold Connerty Award: Adjudicator Award
Domino Theatre - Habitat
Will Britto
Bancroft Theatre Guild Award: For Acting Excellence
Domino Theatre - Habitat
Nicholas Arnold as Sparkle
City of Pembroke Trophy: Adjudicator Award
Domino Theatre - Habitat
Leigh Ann Bellamy as Raine
Deep River Players Award: Best Visual Presentation
Domino Theatre - Habitat
John L. Walley Award: Best Costuming
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Proof
Gwen Hope and Daphne Crozier
Kingston Trophy: Best Production of a Canadian Play
No Canadian play presented
Leonard Beaulne Memorial Trophy: Best Actor in a Major Role
Domino Theatre - Habitat
Glen Piper as Lewis
Leonard Beaulne Memorial Trophy: Best Actress in a Major Role
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Proof
Laura Bjorgan as Catherine
Leslie M. Frost Award: Best Production
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Proof
Margaret White Award: For Acting Excellence
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Proof
Scott Drummond as Hal
Peterborough Theatre Guild Award: Best Use of Speech
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Proof
Tom Quinn as Robert
Peterborough Theatre Guild Award: Set Design
Peterborough Theatre Guild - Proof
Al Tye and Howard Berry
Ron Hazelgrove Award: Best Cameo Performance
This award was not presented this year
Thérèse May Memorial Award: Outstanding Student
This award was not presnted this year
Trentonian and Tri-County Award: Best Director
Domino Theatre - Penny Nash - Habitat

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