The Leslie M. Frost Award is presented for Best Production in the Spring Full Length Play Festival. The award, entitled Labyrinth, is a wall constructed in plexiglass designed by Ottawa artist Florrie Pollock. From 1933 to 1952, it was The Dominion Drama Festival (the DDF). EODL came into being in 1953. Until the fall of 1961, one act plays were part of the Spring Play Festival.

* means a One-Act Play
*** means a travelling festival

  Year Group Play Held In
1933 The Ottawa Drama League Ile
1934 Queen's University Dramatic Guild Submerged
1935 The Ottawa Drama League Rizzio's Boots
1936 The Ottawa Drama League The Late Christopher Bean
1937 Queen's University Dramatic Guild The Secret
1938 The Ottawa Drama League Petrified Forest
*1938 Brockville Theatre Guild The Mask
1939 The Ottawa Drama League French Without Tears
*1939 Kingston Drama Group The Valiant
1947 The Ottawa Drama League Blithe Spirit
1948 The Ottawa Drama League Papa Is ALl
*1948 The Ottawa Drama League Workshop Eros At Breakfast
1949 Peterborough Little theatre The Taming Of The Shrew
*1949 The Ottawa Drama League Fortune My Foe
1950 Brockville Theatre Guild Our Town
*1950 La Section Dramatique du Conservatoire National de Musique, Ottawa Quand le chat n'est pas la....
1951 The Ottawa Dramatic League Junior Theatre Pinocchio
*1951 Perth Thespian Society Mac and the Atom
1952 The Saturday Players, Ottawa Little Theatre The Enchanted
*1952 Belleville Theatre Guild The Voice of the People
1953 The Saturday Players, Ottawa Little Theatre The Madwoman of Chaillot Ottawa
1954 Kingston Domino Players Fortune The Playboy of the Western World Brockville
*1954 Ottawa Little Theatre Workshop Flood
1955 Peterborough Theatre Guild Noah Belleville
*1955 Le Théâtre du Pont Neuf, Ottawa/Hull L'imbécile
*1956 Ottawa Little Theatre The Importance of Being Earnest Peterborough
1957 Ottawa Little Theatre Workshop Pygmalion Ottawa
*1957 Ottawa Community Players Two Gentlemen of Soho
1958 Domino Theatre, Kingston The Plough and the Stars Ottawa
*1958 Le Théâtra du Pont Neuf, Ottawa/Hull Les Boulingrins
1959 Ottawa Theatre Arts Guild The Cave Dwellers Kingston
*1959 Domino Theatre, Kingston The House by the Stable
1960 Ottawa Little Theatre Bus Stop Deep River
*1960 Trenton Theatre Club The Boor
1961 Ottawa Little Theatre The Living Room Cobourg
*1961 Belleville Theatre Guild Box and Cox
1962 Le Theatre de la Colline, Ottawa La Maison de Bernard Alba Kingston
1963 Domino Theatre, Kingston Waiting for Godot
1964 The Hourglass Players,Ottawa A Time of Growing Ottawa
1965 Lakeside Theatre Producttions, Ottawa The Hostage Peterborough
1966 Lakeside Theatre Productions, Ottawa The Glass Menagerie Deep River
1967 Dauphin Players, Ottawa The Blood is Stron Kingston
1968 Lindsay Little Theatre Never Too Late Brockville
1969 Ottawa Little Theatre The Caretaker Kingston
1970 Camelot Little Theatre, Ottawa And Things That Go Bump in the Night Ottawa
1971 Camelot Little Theatre, Ottawa Jimmy Shine Belleville
1972 Domino Theatre, Kingston Oh, What a Lovely War Lindsay
1973 Cornwall Little Theatre You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Kingston
1974 Peterborough Theatre Guild The Importance of Being Earnest Brockville
1975 Domino Theatre, Kingston And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little Peterborough
1976 Camelot Little Theatre, Ottawa You're Gonna Be All Right, Jamie Boy Deep River
1977 Domino Theatre, Kingston The Gingerbread Lady Kingston
1978 Camelot Little Theatre, Ottawa 1837: The Farmer's Revolt Cornwall
1979 Peterborough Theatre Guild Hard Maple Peterborough
Deep River Players And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little Awards host-Domino Theatre, Kingston
1981 Theatre Night in Merrickville Shay Camelot, Ottawa
1982 Peterborough Theatre Guild The Donnellys Brockville
1983 Domino Theatre, Kingston Whose Life Is It Anyway? Domino, Kingston
1984 Peterborough Theatre Guild Waiting for the Parade Pembroke
1985 Domino Theatre, Kingston Translations Peterborough
1986 Domino Theatre, Kingston Bethune Lindsay
Tara Players, Ottawa Juno and the Paycock Awards host, Brockville
1988 Peterborough Theatre Guild The Melville Boys Belleville
1989 Domino Theatre, Kingston Death of a Salesman Domino, Kingston
1990 Tara Players, Ottawa
(also won Theatre Ontario Festival and Theatre Canada Festival
Freedom of the City Peterborough
1991 Peterborough Theatre Guild A Life Nepean Little Theatre
1992 Peterborough Theatre Guild Rashomon Tara, Ottawa
1993 Tara Players, Ottawa Sharon's Grave Domino, Kingston
Nepean Little Theatre Our Town Awards host-Tara, Ottawa
Tara Players, Ottawa The Millionairess Awards host, Domino, Kingston
1996 Tara Players, Ottawa Someone Who'll Watch Over Me Domino, Kingston
1997 Peterborough Theatre Guild Sleuth Belleville
1998 Domino Theatre, Kingston The Stillborn Lover Bancroft
1999 Belleville Theatre Guild Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Peterborough
2000 Domino Theatre, Kingston The Playboy of the Western World Highland Little Theatre, Haliburton
2001 Domino Theatre, Kingston Homeward Bound Belleville
Northumberland Players, Cobourg Jesus Christ, Superstar Awards host, Northumberland Players, Cobourg
2003 Belleville Theatre Guild Talley's Folly Domino, Kingston
2004 Kanata Theatre Over the River & Through the Woods Kanata
Ottawa Little Theatre Proof Awards host, Tara, Ottawa
Peterborough Theatre Guild Someone Who'll Watch Over Me Awards host, Domino, Kingston
Northumberland Players, Cobourg The Full Monty Awards host, Belleville
Peterborough Theatre Guild Proof Awards host, Peterborough
2009 Peterborough Theatre Guild Twelfth Night Kemptville
2010 Domino Theatre, Kingston
Doubt Peterborough
2011 Domino Theatre, Kingston
Also won Theatre Ontario (Richmond Hill)
Trying Peterborough
2012 Peterborough Theatre Guild
Also won Theatre Ontario (Sault Ste Marie)
The Mouse House
Theatre Night in Merrickville
Having Hope at Home
Awards host, Belleville Theatre Guild
Peterborough Theatre Guild
The Beauty Queen of Leenan
Awards host, Prince Edward Community Theatre
Peterborough Theatre Guild
Born Yesterday
Awards host, Northumberland Players, Cobourg

Hosted by Peterborough Theatre Guild

Updated: 27 April 2015