Theatre Ontario 75/25 Draw

History - Since 1993, EODL has been conducting an annual draw from amongst the paid-up EODL member groups to pay for three quarters of a Theatre Ontario Summer Course.

At the EODL meeting in November, each paid-up member group is entered in a draw for a scholarship to a Theatre Ontario Summer Course. The winning group selects a member to attend. If the winning group or back-up winning group choose not to use their win, their group name goes back into the draw again for the following year's draw(assuming they remain active EODL members). The name of the winning group that uses the win is removed from the draw for the following five years. Members of winning groups are responsible to register and pay for their course, and submit their receipt to the EODL Treasurer upon their return, for reimbursement of three quarters of the registration cost. If for any reason, a winning group or a back-up winning group is NOT notified in time to take advantage of their win, EODL will honour the win for the following year.