Our adjudicator at Theatre Ontario Festival 2018 is Maja Ardal.

Maja has been working in theatre for forty-seven years. She is a director, playwright, actor, and theatre trainer. Her musical play, The Hero of Hunter Street, was produced by 4th Line Theatre in 2016. She researched and created One Thing Leads to Another, Theatre for Babies, produced by Young People‚Äôs Theatre, receiving two Dora Awards in 2015. It will tour Ontario in 2018, and she is developing the sequel, You and I.

May 16 - 29 2018

WODL,London Community Players

 Wednesday, May 16                                                                                                                                                          8:00 pm  On a First Name Basis by Norm Foster                                                                                                                Elmira Theatre Company                                                                                                                                                  WODL (Southwestern Ontario)

 Thursday, May 17                                                                                                                                                           8:00 pm Little Gern by Elaine Murphy                                                                                                                               Toronto Irish Players                                                                                                                                                       ACT-CO (Greater Toronto Area and Central Ontario)

 Friday, May 18                                                                                                                                                               8:00 pm Tempting Providence by Robert Chafe                                                                                                                 ELATE - Elliot Lake Amateur Theatre Ensemble                                                                                                                   QUONTA (Northeastern Ontario)

 Saturday, May 19                                                                                                                                                           8:00 pm Dead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck                                                                                                                       Ottawa Little Theatre                                                                                                                                                      EODL (Eastern Ontario)

The 2018 Theatre Ontario Awards

The Elsie For Outstanding Festival Production

  • Dead Accounts, Ottawa Little Theatre

Oustanding Director

  • Geoff Gruson, Dead Accounts

Outstanding Perfomance in a Leading Role

  • Rebecca De La Cour as Lorraine, Little Gem

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role

  • Phillip Meriman as Jack, Dead Accounts

Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role

  • Jane Morris as Barbara, Dead Accounts

Oustanding Performance in a Supporting Role

  • Josp Sparks as Phil, Dead Accounts

Outstanding Visual Presentation

  • Tempting Providence (Deborah Lang & Patty Davidson, Costumes; and Doug Robinson, Lighting)

Outstanding Technical Achievement

  • On a First Name Basis (Gord Grose, Set Design; Julie-Anne Herteis, Eugene "Sam" Reid & Phil Read, Set Construction; Kathy Bilodeau & Jean Lariviere, Set Dressing)

Outstanding Coordinated Production (This award is chosen by the Festival Stage Manager)

  • Elliot Lake Amateur Theatre Ensemble

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For carrying the theme of a play while remaining totally human:   Venetia Lawless as Lorna, Dead Accounts

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For sharing a true love of acting and story with a twinkling eye:  Jim Graham as Angus, Tempting Providence

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For clear vision, passion for the play, and love of his actors:  Murray Finn, Director, Tempting Providence

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For bringing humour and humanity to the role while managing a cantankerous man:  Deb Dechert as Lucy Hopperstaad, On a First Name Basis

Special Adjudicator Award

  • For imaginative and simple beauty:  Bernadette Hunt (Set Design & Set Drawings) & Sean Treacy (Set Design), Little Gem

Michael Spence Award:  Susan M. Perkins of London