2017 One-Act Play Festival

November 3rd and 4th 2017

hosted by:

Adjudicator: Steve Russell

Steve Russell is an actor, director, writer, consultant and adjudicator. After earning a degree in English and Drama at U.W.O. where “everyone in the theatre program did everything”, he studied at the Banff Centre, U of T and Second City. He had the rare experience of teaching full-time drama in Secondary school for over 25 years where he directed  two or three productions (one-act plays, full length plays and musicals) each year.  He was a TVO Teacher of the Year (1997). He was Head of the Peterborough Regional Integrated Arts program. He later became an Additional Qualification Instructor, teaching drama teachers how to teach drama. He has published a book on assessment in dramatic arts and was a lead writer in the development of the Ontario Drama curriculum and resources. For six years, Steve was the Arts Consultant for his school board. He has been President of the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators (CODE), was on the Executive of the International Drama in Education Association (Canada). He has directed both musical and dramatic productions for community theatre companies and recently played Shrek, in Shrek the Musical and King Arthur in Spamalot. Now retired from teaching, Steve has kept busy as a frequent workshop presenter, Vice-Chair of Prologue to the Performing Arts and President of the Peterborough Theatre Guild while trying to write, direct and perform whenever possible. His experiences doing lighting, make-up, sound, mask making, set design, set construction and decorating, stage management and front of house work along with his expertise in assessment and experience onstage make him a uniquely qualified adjudicator. 

Helen R. McGregor (Adjudicator’s) Award
Comments: for excellent use of atmospheric sound
Artist: Greg Geisler
Show Title: Still Stands the House
Theatre Company: Rural Root Theatre Company

Penny Arril (Adjudicator’s) Award
Comments: for really well chosen sound cues expertly integrated into the play
Artist: Michelle McNichol
Show Title: Tea with Enid and Pearl
Theatre Company: Domino Theatre

Peterborough Theatre Guild Award (Adjudicator’s)
Comments: for outstanding acting - excellent timing - expressive use of vocal variety, responsive listening and teamwork, and overall solid craftswomanship, and for playing two very distinctive characters in two different plays back to back in the festival with two different companies - and doing it all brilliantly...
Actors: Kathryn Dalmer and Judie Preece, playing Mavis and Joan in Tea with Roger and Gertrude and Edith in The Green Thumb Gang

Colin Mawson Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Student
Comments: This award was not presented. The only possible candidate was in a play that was disqualified from awards.

Nancy Chajkowski Memorial Award for Costume Design
Comments: Sometimes costumes are excellent when they are “just right” and they disappear in a seamless blend with the characterization and text. At other times, the costumes themselves are an essential element in the play as they convey much of the meaning of the play. This award is presented for excellent work in the latter case.
Honourable Mention to: Hamlette, Studio Theatre and Check Please, Brockville Theatre Guild
Award Winner - Costume Designer: Amy Brohm, Karen Sirianni
Show Title: Cut!
Theatre Company: Highlands Little Theatre

Peterborough Examiner Award for Best Visual Production
Comments: The very best plays create a visual reality by integrating set textures, shapes, colours and practical concerns like creating mood and atmosphere with a combination of lighting, props and scenery. The visuals must “take us there.” There were several productions that did this very well.
Honourable Mention to: Hamlette, Studio Theatre and Parents Night, Peterborough Theatre Guild
Award Winner - Show Title: Still Stands the House
Theatre Company: Rural Root Theatre

Belleville Theatre Guild Award for Acting
Comments: There are no small parts, only small actors. And sometimes there are great actors in very small roles who contribute enormously to the overall impact of a play. There were many actors in small roles who did outstanding work in this festival.
Honourable Mention to: Hilary Krygsman-Osborne as Rosie in Parents Night and Lorraine Palmer-Smith as Enid in Tea with Enid and Pearl and Valerie Jorgensen as Hester in Still Stands the House and Stephanie Finer as Melanie the football fan in Check Please.
Award Winner -
Actor: Annie West, as Hamlette
Show Title: Hamlette
Theatre Company: Studio Theatre

Mae Carmichael Award for Acting
Comments: My attention was focused on supporting roles again. For great characterization in a comedic supporting role.
Honourable Mention: Lucas Tennant as Horation/2nd Player in Hamlette and Guy Pritchard as Fiddleditch in Cut!
Award Winner - Actor: Alex Philipi as Mark/Manny/Ken
Show Title: Check Please
Theatre Company: Brockville Theatre Guild

Pauline Grant Award for Acting
Comments: I decided to give this acting award to an ensemble, not simply because they worked together as a group with impeccable listening and response, but because each and all of them gave excellent performances in their roles. All were equally excellent.
Award Winner -
Actors: Mike Chatelaine as John, Kyle Beaudette as Angel of Death, Jenny Dagenais as Cassie and Paul Aubin as Doctor
Show Title: The Death of Me
Theatre Company: Vagabond Theatre

Nepean Little Theatre Award for Acting
Comments: For this award I focused on actors in leading roles. I looked for solid characterization and well grounded actors applying stagecraft effectively.
Honourable Mention: Kathryn Dalmer and Judie Preece, who were already recognized with an award, Lainey Bates as Nicole (the teacher) in Parents Night
Award Winner - Actor: Lisa Leroux as Pearl
Show Title: Tea with Enid and Pearl
Theatre Company: Domino Theatre

Donald Endicott Award
Best Coordinated Production
Comments: from the stage manager of the festival
Show Title: Check Please
Theatre Company: Brockville Theatre Guild

Academy Theatre Foundation Award for Best Director
Comments: Both Cameron MacPhee and Chris Lee are first-time directors and their work is certainly worth recognition for its high quality and for the leadership that they have obviously shown to their casts, guiding them to a high level of performance and in Chris’s case, guiding them to participate in a festival where they know they cannot win awards because they wish to learn and grow from the experience itself and not from competitive awards. Directing is leading and making the elements of theatre unite so that the cast feels that their contributions are meaningful and effective. This award goes to a director who did all that and clearly brought solid performance onstage and backstage together very successfully.
Honourable Mention to: Scott Roodvoets, Tea with Roger, Old Church and Chris Lee, Parents Night, Peterborough Theatre Guild and Cameron MacPhee, The Death of Me, Vagabond Theatre
Award Winner -
Director: Lisa Flannagan
Show Title: Tea with Enid and Pearl
Theatre Company: Domino Theatre

Ottawa Little Theatre Award for Best Production
Comments: To be considered Best Production in my view, the play must bring together theatrical elements in thoughtful integration, with excellent acting all around and meeting all the challenges of a difficult script.
Honourable Mentions: Tea with Roger, Old Church Theatre and Tea with Enid and Pearl, Domino Theatre and Parents Night, Peterborough Theatre Guild
Award Winner - Show Title: The Death of Me
Theatre Company: Vagabond Theatre Company

BRIGHTON BARN THEATRE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: selected by Festival patrons attending all of the plays in the festival.
Show Title: Tea with Roger
Theatre Company: Old Church Theatre