2015 Spring Festival

2015 Full Length Festival - Traveling Festival

Awards ceremony and brunch hosted by Northumberland Players;

April 12, 2015 at 11:00

Adjudicator - Bea Quarrie

As a director, actor and adjudicator, Bea Quarrie has always believed in the transformative power of the arts. She has directed shows that represented Canada at International festivals in Japan, Germany, Aruba and Venuzuela as well as in Canada. She has directed over 90 productions, served on regional, provincial and national committees, arts councils, theatre companies and theatre service organizations. She has adjudicated all over Ontario for over 35 years, co-founded five professional theatre companies in Peterborough, taught and directed in China, produced, designed and performed in over 100 productions, and is the subject of two films, (TWELVE by the National Film Board, December 3 Reflections by Cogeco). In the past two years, she has directed Vimy, Spamalot, and Shrek for VOS in Cobourg, directed Hedda Gabler, House and PS Uncle Angus, adjudicated the Sears and WODL Festivals as well as the Theatre Ontario Festival in Sarnia in May 2014. Bea is happy to be the travelling adjudicator for the EODL Full Length Festival 2015.

Adjudicator, Bea Quarrie's report on the festival.

Brockville Theatre Guild
"Miracle on 34th Street"
From the novel by Valentine Davies, adapted by Mountain Community Theatre
November 20, 21 and 22 (two performances on November 22, 2 pm and 8 pm), 2014
November 21 at 8:00 pm at Brockville Arts Centre, 235 King St W

 Prince Edward Community Theatre, Picton
"The Drawer Boy"
by Michael Healey
February 7 & 14, 8 p.m., Feb 8 & 15, 2 p.m., 2015
February 8 at 2:00 pm at Mount Tabor Playhouse, 2179 County Rd 17, Milford

 Domino Theatre
"Mom's The Word"
by Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams
February 26-28, March 5-7, 12-14, 2015, 8 p.m.
March 6 at 8:00 p.m. at Domino Theatre, 52 Church St, Kingston

 Ottawa Little Theatre
"Goodbye Piccadilly"
by Douglas Bowie
March 24 to April 11, 2015, 7:30 pm except April 4@2 p.m.
March 27 at 7:30 p.m. at Ottawa Little Theatre, 400 King Edward Ave

 Northumberland Players
"It's a Wonderful Life"
by Tony Palermo
December 5, 6,(8 pm), 7 (2 pm matinee), 11, 12, 13, 8 pm and 14 (2 pm matinee), 2014
December 13 at 8:00 p.m. in the Firehall Theatre, 213 Second Street West ,Cobourg 

 Belleville Theatre Guild
"The Woman in Black"
Adapted by Stephen Mallatritt from the book by Susan Hill
February 5 to 21, 2015. 2015, 8 p.m.
February 19 at 8:00 p.m. at Pinnacle Playhouse, 256 Pinnacle St

 Peterborough Theatre Guild
"Born Yesterday"
by Garson Kanin
February 20-22, 25-28, March 1, 4-7, 2015, 8 p.m.
February 27 at 8:00 p.m. at Peterborough Theatre Guild, 364 Rogers St, Peterborough; Detailed adjudication held at the Gwen Brown Studio

* Date of adjudication is in bold

Pictures taken by Ross Pigeau

City of Pembroke Award:  Adjudicator Award. Ever notice the credits on a film, long after all the actors have been listed comes the crew of , thousands as people in the audience shuffle out of the theatre. This silent army makes the creation work, so let us honour the crews of all productions, some unseen, some on full.

Accepted by Denyce Nielsen, presented by Deputy Mayor John Henderson

The CREW of Belleville Theatre Guild - "The Woman in Black"

Honorable Mentions: Prince Edward Community Theatre, Picton - "The Drawer Boy" ,
Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life" and
Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"

Armagh Sifton-Price Award: Adjudicator Award for Ensemble work. Team effort is the sports analogy, but it fits  well in theatre too. When the actors are engaged emotionally in a moment and support each other totally not hogging the limelight, then they draw in the audience by inclusion. This is communing at its best in the secular church of theatre.

Accepted by Jack Boyagian, presented by Lisa Leroux

Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life"

Honorable Mentions: Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday" and
Domino Theatre, Kingston - "Mom's The Word",

Arnold Connerty Award: Adjudicator Award. Risk taking in Community Theatre is getting harder as we attempt to put buns in seats. Not every play in every season has to be challenging, provocative and difficult, but risk taking is essential to keeping our creative juices flowing.

Accepted by Penny Nash and Lily Baird, presented by Margaret Shearman

Domino Theatre, Kingston - "Mom's the Word". Nudity, squirting breasts, talking penises (well, ok, bananas) The producers, Lily Baird and Penny Nash

  • Honorable Mentions: Ottawa Little Theatre - "Goodbye Piccadilly". The director,Sarah Hearn, with a script that calls for almost impossible set changes, with multiple settings, multiple time frames and ghosts
  • Peterborough Theatre Guild -"Born Yesterday" - Pat and Ian, first time directors taking on a dusty old classic and also the celluloid shadow of the film casts a long shadow, so the challenge is to bring the play alive in its own terms 
  • Belleville Theatre Guild - "The Woman in Black". - Set Designer, Liz Marshall, who took over when Jim Alexander passed away part way through the process 
  • Northumberland Players. Cobourg - "It's A Wonderful Life". The Stage Manager, Maureen Holloway, who had to perform being a stage manager in the play
  • Brockville Theatre Guild - "Miracle on 34th Street", First time doing a show with a cast of 50+, director, Becky Bridge

Peterborough Theatre Guild Award: Set Design. A set that is visually pleasing AND serves the play well.

Accepted by Georgia Papanicolaou and Heather Marr, Presented by David McTavish

Prince Edward Community Theatre. Picton - "The Drawer Boy"

Honorable Mentions: Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life" and
Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"

John L. Walley Award: Best Costuming. Knowing how to evoke a period and a mood via costuming is always a challenge. Balancing how the costuming serves the play and does not speak for itself is another challenge.

Accepted by Lisa Schnalzer Missen also not pictured is Nancy Kerr (costumes), presented by Bob Brooks

Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life" - Lisa Schalzer Missen and Nancy Kerr

Honorable Mentions: Mary Parulski with Jayne Martin, Peterborough Theatre Guild "Born Yesterday" and
Monica Browness, Ottawa Little Theatre - "Goodbye, Piccadilly"

Deep River Players Award: Best Visual Presentation. When all the elements come together - a well designed and functional set, evocative lighting, striking costumes, period props and invisible make up creating memorable images that linger long after the play is over.

Accepted by Mary Parulski (Costume Designer) and Ian Burns (Set Designer) also not pictured were Andrew Duncan (Visual and Lighting), Beth Needham (Make Up) and Jayne Martin (also costumes), presented by Garth Holloway

Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"

Honorable Mentions: Belleville Theatre Guild - "The Woman in Black" and
Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life"

EODL Scholarship (Thérèse May Memorial Award): Outstanding Contribution by a Student.
Thanks to the many names being submitted with the changes that followed updating each production.

Accepted by Connor Larkin, presented by Florence Moore

Prince Edward Community Theatre. Picton - "The Drawer Boy"Connor Larkin as Miles

Honorable Mentions: Anita Spasov and Glennis Desrochers as Bellhops, Blackboots, Waiters and manicurists,
Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday" and
The entire army of Elves, Brockville Theatre Guild - "Miracle on 34th Street"

Peterborough Theatre Guild Award: Best Use of Speech. Articulation, clarity, projection, audibility - all contribute to a clean delivery on stage by and actor

Accepted by Ian Feltham, presented by Marg Hilborn

Belleville Theatre Guild - "The Woman in Black"Ian Fleming as actor

Honorable Mentions: Dave Cody as Kris Kringel, Brockville Theatre Guild - "Miracle on 34th Street" and
Joyce Landry as Bobbie Brickley, Ottawa Little Theatre - "Goodbye Piccadilly"

Ron Hazelgrove Award: Best Cameo Performance. Tricky thing to create a lasting impression in a flash, not steal focus but rather add to the picture as a whole.

Accepted by Robb Howells, presented by Pat Gray

Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life"  Sound guy, Rob Howells

Honorable Mentions: Court Stenographer, Linda Hicks, Brockville Theatre Guild - "Miracle on 34th Street" and
Chuck Vollmar as Eddy, Peterborough Theatre Guild, "Born Yesterday"

Margaret White Award: For Acting Excellence, Male. Bringing a character to life carries a large responsibility for any actor. Sometimes playing a sweet ingenue or a strong leading man is tougher than playing a vulgarian or a hooker.

Accepted by Arlene Watson for Andi Cooper, presented by Jill Adams

Ottawa Little Theatre - "Goodbye Piccadilly" Andi Cooper as Cecil

Honorable Mentions: Zoe Cosgrove as little Susan Walker, Brockville Theatre Guild - "Miracle on 34th Street"Mark Paton as Paul Verrall,
Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday" and
Reg Stacey as George Bailey, Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life"

Bancroft Theatre Guild Award for Acting Excellence, Female. When an actor has multiple tasks and is pushing the envelope to extend their acting skills, they are taking a big risk When they succeed, theirs is the satisfaction of knowing the pain is worth their gain!

Accepted by Wyatt Lamoureux, presented by Arlene Watson

Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"  Wyatt Lamoureux as Ed Devery

Honorable Mentions: Katie Flower-Smith as Barbara, Domino Theatre, Kingston - "Mom's the Word" and
Arlene Watson as Kitty McCooey - Ottawa Little Theatre - "Goodbye Piccadilly"

Leonard Beaulne Memorial Trophy: Best Actor in a Major Role. Whatever these actors decided was their motivation is their scenes, they also knew to include the opposite to provide a richly nuanced, well rounded three dimensional character - such as joy and indifference, glee and shame, relief and apprehension.

Accepted by Pat Larkin, presented by Andy Trasuk

Prince Edward Community Theatre. Picton - "The Drawer Boy"  Pat Larkin as the damaged but loveable Angus

Honorable Mentions: Dave Adams as the vulgarian bounder Harry Brock, Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"
Graham Walper as Fred Gayley, the wannabe suitor for Doris and
Brockville Theatre Guild - "Miracle on 34th Street"

Leonard Beaulne Memorial Trophy: Best Actress in a Major Role. Challenges for leading ladies defy listing. They might be asked to banish the ghost of the iconic film actress by delivering a stellar turn as that same character, they might be required to create their character without any dialogue but a series of monologues, or be required to take on credible, consistent accents from foreign lands as well as belt out famous classics, or they might be asked to streak across the stage naked... Two plays had no female leads, one had six leads, so one never knows from year to year.....

Accepted by Kellie McKenty, presented by Helen Matthew

Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"  Kellie McKenty as Billie Dawn

Honorable Mentions: Nicole Bischoff as Deborah, Domino Theatre, Kingston - "Mom's The Word"
Kingston Trophy: Best Production of a Canadian Play. In 1967, Western Ontario Drama League (WODL) put out a challenge that for the Centennial Year of the country, Community Theatres around the Province should consider staging a Canadian Play. This proved to be a wonderful impetus for Canadian Playwrights. We now do not scoff at doing a Canadian play, and so this year WODL is once more challenging all Community Theatres to consider doing a Canadian play for 2017, the country's sesquicentennial or 150th Birthday. We have matured, become prolific in our output and have gained pride in our unique voice.

Accepted by Sandie Cond, presented by Liz Schell

Domino Theatre, Kingston - "Mom's the Word". A collective piece written by six new moms 20 years ago has circumnavigated the world from national tours to Australia, USA, Isrial, Spain and England playing to sold out houses. How come we have not heard of these writers? Maybe we need to be better ambassadors of our own plays!!

Honorable Mentions: Prince Edward Community Theatre, Picton - "The Drawer Boy" - this is the 4th most popular play being produced in the USA and has gained status as a Canadian Classic and
Ottawa Little Theatre - "Goodbye Piccadilly" - A relatively new piece from the pen of Kingston playwright, Douglas Bowie, was written in 2002. Productions of this play have taken place at Thousand Islands Playhouse and at the Blyth Festival.

Trentonian and Tri-County Award: Best Director. Part dictator, part psychologist, part traffic cop, part visionary, people lover and overall motivator, a director is asked to help actors develop characters, stay consistent in the convention of their production, set the tempo and the mood with their choice of music and dialogue delivery, make sure the rhythm of the play does not have a soporific affect on the audience, balance spectacle with credibility, inculcate actors and designers to stay within the boundaries of a particular style, stay true to the theme of the playwright, provide texture and grit to their production...in other words, they have to be godlike!! There were many first time directors in this festival, and I have one burning question for you. WHY???!!! Don't have enough stress in your life?

Accepted by Georgia Papanicolaou, presented by Jack Boyagian

Prince Edward Community Theatre, Picton - "The Drawer Boy"  Georgia Papanicolaou

Honorable Mentions: Jack Boyagian, Northumberland Players - "It's a Wonderful Life"  and
Pat and Ian Burns, Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"

Leslie M. Frost Award: Best Production. When everything comes together and is humming along, the play looks to be so easy!! Like the skater with the triple saukaw jump, it seems effortless. It might not be perfect, we are engaged in an art form after all, but when it hums without a glitch, there is nothing like it. We walk away knowing that we have participated in something really special, either as audience or as participants.

Accepted by Pat Maitland and Ian Burns, presented by Brenda Worsnop

Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Born Yesterday"

Honorable Mentions: Northumberland Players, Cobourg - "It's a Wonderful Life" and
Prince Edward Community Theatre, Picton - "The Drawer Boy"

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