2013 Theatre Ontario Festival

May 15 - 19, 2013, EODL, Domino Theatre, Kingston
Adjudicator - John P. Kelly

Theatre Night in Merrickville
"Having Hope at Home" by David S. Craig
Presented by: EODL
Wednesday, May 15 
TIS Ensemble, Windsor
"Orphans" by Dennis Kelly
Presented by: WODL
Thursday, May 16 
Markham Little Theatre
"Mending Fences" by Norm Foster
Presented by: ACT-CO
Friday, May 17 
Espanola Little Theatre
"Looking" by Norm Foster
Presented by: QUONTA
Saturday, May 18 

This year we welcome John P Kelly as our festival adjudicator. This is John's second time to adjudicate at Theatre Ontario. In his nine years living in Canada, he as officiated at festivals, workshops and at play polishing in most areas of Ontario. Indeed, John claims to know more of Ontario than most Ontarians. He is a founder member of the Irish Association of Drama Adjudicators and was for years a member of the British Guild of Drama Adjudicators. On arriving to live in Ottawa, he founded his own professional theatre company and recently completed his 25th production in the city. The Capital Critics circle twice named him Best Director for his work and he has more nominations than he can count, but he particularly likes to boast that in 2009, of the 50 nominations for the major awards in Ottawa, eleven related to shows directed by John. Not bad, eh? (He is learning fast to speak Canadian!) In late September 2012 John was invited by the Great Canadian Theatre Company to direct the Canadian premier of Marie Jones' newest play Fly Me to the Moon. In 2011, John and his wife became proud Canadian citizens. If it were not for the Canadian winter, he would acknowledge no better country in which to spend his remaining time on this planet. He lives in hope that climate change will make it warmer soon. He is a friendly animal and answers to the names of John, Sean, John P and Hey You!

Adjudicator John P. Kelly's report on the festival.

AWARDS (All pictures were taken by Michael Gourgon)

The Elsie - Outstanding Production

sponsored by Theatre Ontario and presented by Carol Beauchamp
Espanola Little Theatre - "Looking"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Outstanding Director

sponsored by and presented by Dennis Johnson
Espanola Little Theatre - "Looking"
Walter Maskel

Nominated: Jeff Bastien,Jacqueline Tinus, John Nabben and Kyla Chandler - "Orphans", TIS Ensemble, Windsor

Outstanding Performance by a Female

sponsored by Mark and Anne Mooney and presented by Mark Mooney
Markham Little Theatre - "Mending Fences"
Michèle Brown as Gin

Nominated: Jacqueline Tinus as Helen, "Orphans", TIS Ensemble, Windsor,
Kathy Carre as Val, "Looking", Espanola Little Theatre and
Theresa Laurenti as Nina, "Looking", Espanola Little Theatre

Outstanding Performance by a Male

sponsored by Kanata Theatre and presented by Brenda Worsnop
TIS Ensemble, Windsor - "Orphans"
Jeff Bastien as Danny

Nominated: John Nabben as Liam, "Orphans", TIS Ensemble,Windsor,
Steve Birtles as Drew, "Mending Fences", Markham Little Theatre,
Jason Morrow as Andy, "Looking", Espanola Little Theatre, and
Dario Laurenti as Matt, "Looking", Espanola Little Theatre

Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Supporting Role

sponsored by The Curtain Club and presented by Joan Burrows
Markham Little Theatre - "Mending Fences"
Anne-Marie Hurle as Lori and Harry's Mom

Nominated: Sheila Cook as Dawn, "Having Hope at Home", Theatre Night in Merrickville and
Anne Huton as Mom, "Having Hope at Home", Theatre Night in Merrickville

Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role

sponsored by Thornloe University and presented by Helen Landry, accepting the award for Peter is Steve Anderson Theatre Night in Merrickville - "Having Hope at Home"
Peter Crate as Russell (Gramps)

Nominated: Very few to qualify in this festival


Outstanding Visual Presentation

 sponsored by and presented by Sue and Dave Perkins
Espanola Little Theatre - "Looking"

Nominated: all four theatres


Outstanding Technical Achievement (for lighting)

sponsored by Sault Theatre Workshop and presented by Theresa Laurenti
Espanola Little Theatre - "Looking"
Walter Maskel (wonderful mood work)

Nominated: very special lighting throughout, Sara Campeau, "Orphans", TIS Ensemble, Windsor

Outstanding Coordinated Production (chosen by the Festival Stage Manager)

sponsored by the Jourard Family and presented by Tigger Jourard and her husband Bryan McLennon
Espanola Little Theatre - "Looking"

The Perry Short Award (For Set Design)(This is the last year this award will be presented)

presented by Dario Laurenti
TIS Ensemble, Windsor - "Orphans"
Jeff Bastien

Nominated: Rod Fournier and Vicki Graham, "Having Hope at Home", Theatre Night in Merrickville

Special Adjudicator Awards (no nominations)

sponsored by Domino Theatre, Kingston and presented by Sandie Cond, President, accepted by Margaret Shearman
Theatre Night in Merrickville - "Having Hope at Home"
Marcia Phillips and Gary Roberts for Live Music

sponsored b EODL and presented by Lily Baird, President
TIS Ensemble, Windsor - "Orphans"
Kyla Chandler, Stage Manager, oustanding work by a juvenile

sponsored by QUONTA and presented by Walter Maskel
Theatre Night in Merrickville - "Having Hope at Home"
Keith Stanton and Helen Steenburgh for properties

sponsored by ACT-CO and presented by Alice Torrance of The Curtain Club, accepted by Jeff Bastien
TIS Ensemble, Windsor - "Orphans"
Tanner Dory, for original music contribution

sponsored by WODL and presented by Tim Dawdey
Espanola Little Theatre - "Looking" For Best moment of Theatre - the vocal choreography of the ending of Act One

Group picture of the winners

Joe O'Brien, Ottawa Little Theatre
Winner of the Theatre Ontario Michael Spence Award

The gifts to the groups from Domino Theatre, Kingston. Presented by Liz Schell, Treasurer

The adjudicator, John P. Kelly, and with his escort, Penny Nash, Domino Theatre Board Member and also daytime photographer for festival.

Sandra Baird, MC ; Anne Mooney,Commununity Theatre Coordinator ; Sandie Cond, President, Domino Theatre ; Lily Baird, EODL President

Brandon Moore and Anne Mooney doing their blog; Anne and Mark Mooney picking names for prizes of theatre tickets.   John L'Heureux from Sarnia and the table of trophies.

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