2009 One Act Play Festival  Studio Theatre Productions, Perth

November 13 - 14, 2009
Adjudicator - John Lazarus

Friday, November 13 Saturday, November 14 (afternoon) Saturday, November 14 (evening)
More Theatre, Manotick
"This is a Play"
by Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Joan Sullivan Eady 
Toto Too Theatre, Ottawa
"The Soldier Dreams"
by Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Chantele Plante and Tim Ginley 
Vagabound Theatre, Cornwall
"Ruby of Elsinore"
by Bruce Kane
Directed by Katie Burke 
Kemptville Players
by Mary Orr
Directed by Monica Cleland 
Ottawa Little Theatre
"Deliver'd from NoWhere"
by Tim Ginley
Directed by Geoff Gruson 
Peterborough Theatre Guild
"Mrs C, You've Got a Lovely Scar"
by R. Keith Smith
Directed by R. Keith Smith 
Valley Players, Almonte
"Ladies of the Mop"
by Aurand Harris
Directed by Marianne Mullan 
Studio Theatre Productions, Perth
"Would You Like a Cup of Tea?"
by Warren Graves
Directed by Patricia Parry 
Dundas County/Shoestring Theatre, Mountain Winchester
"Worth it"
by Moira Law
Directed by Elizabeth Barton 

Adjudicator John Lazarus is an internationally-known, award-winning Canadian playwright and teacher. He has taught at Studio 58, the Vancouver Film School, and the National Theatre School, and is presently a professor in the Drama Department at Queen’s University. For many years he worked as the Vancouver theatre critic for CBC Radio. In addition to the E.O.D.L., he has also adjudicated for Theatre B.C., the Association of B.C. Drama Educators, and the Sears Festivals, and this year he is adjudicating festivals for both the Eastern Ontario and Western Ontario Drama Leagues. His latest play, Trouble on Dibble Street, was produced this past summer at the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, Prescott, and his next play, Old Enough to Kill, will be produced on Queen’s campus by Gnu Ground this coming April. John is a graduate of the National Theatre School.

Adjudicator John Lazarus' comments from the awards brunch.

Peterborough Examiner Award for Best Visual Production for combined use of setting, signage, lighting and silhouette acting

Dundas County Players and Shoestring Productions - "Worth It"

Helen R McGregor Adjudicator's Award for representing a welcome trend in community theatre of presenting new, original work, and also for writing a hell of a good script

Dundas County Players and Shoestring Productions - "Worth It"
Moira Law, author 

Peterborough Theatre Guild Adjudicator's Award given for a very funny performance, and for successfully fooling the Adjudicator and, I hope, other audience members, by means of a triumphant, sustained, masterful feat of what I'll politely call gender bending 

Vagabond Theatre - "Ruby of Elsinore"
Michael DeWolfe as Ruby 

The Colin Mawson Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Student for his backstage work as ASM, Sound Operator, and, I hear, supportive son of the Stage Manager

Peterborough Theatre Guild - "Mrs. C., You've Got a Lovely Scar"
Josh Lueck

Nancy Chajkowski Memorial Award for Costume Design for two simple costumes that told us most of what we needed to know about the ladies wearing them

Kemptville Players - "Roommates"
Monica Cleland, Barb McDerby and Cathie Raina

Belleville Theatre Guild Acting Award for a subtle and sensitive comic performance as an unsubtle and insensitive actor, who at least enters with conviction

More Theatre - "This is a Play"
Ian Stauffer 

Mae Carmichael Award for Acting: for another paradoxical achievement: a graceful portrayal of awkwardness, in a character who is buoyed up by her dreams 

Valley Players of Almonte - "Ladies of the Mop"
Kate McDonough

Pauline Grant Award for Acting: for a cheerful and exuberant performance that sparkled, literally and figuratively 

Studio Theatre Productions - "Would You Like a Cup of Tea?"
Joanna McAuley as Nola

Nepean Little Theatre Acting Award: for a nuanced, multi-leveled, perceptive portrayal of a man desperately trying to do and say the right thing in a difficult situation 

Toto Too Theatre - "The Solider Dreams"
Ken Godmere as Sam

Penny Arril Adjudicator's Award : I wanted to honour this production, but I couldn't find a category to honour it in, because what makes the production so special is what's unique and unclassifiable about it: no one contribution, but the whole thing adding up to more than the sum of its parts. So this is an adjudicator's award for ensemble work 

More Theatre - "This is a Play"
Cast and crew

Academy Theatre Foundation Best Director

Ottawa Little Theatre - "Deliver'd from NoWhere"
Geoff Gruson

Ottawa Little Theatre Best Production for direction, minimal but effective design, and superb ensemble acting in an emotional and complex script 

Toto Too Theatre - "The Soldier Dreams"

Brighton Barn Theatre People's Choice Award

Toto Too Theatre - "The Solider Dreams"
More Theatre - "This is a Play"

Updated:  27 March 2015